Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Linguisa and Kale Soup with Potatoes and Chick Peas

Kale, Kale, Oh Blessed Kale

OMG OMG OMG!!!  I made this recipe out of my pure obsession with anything involving kale, and man oh man this is probably the best tasting soup I have EVER made.  Don't discredit the rest of my soups I've posted, pwetty pwease, but oh gosh, if you eat pork, this one is for you.

I made this soup in a Dutch Oven, but you can probably make this in a crock pot, too.  It's quick to make, but the key to the flavor is letting it heat on low for a few hours at least.  I made my batch right after lunch and let it heat all day until dinner around 6pm.  That way, the kale is soft and the meat has absorbed all the juices.  The flavor explosion in your mouth might drive you crazy.  

Like the others, this will keep all week to heat up for lunch or dinner.  This is one of those soups that really defines the feeling of wellness with each spoonful.  

All the credit for this DELICIOUS recipe goes to Black Iron Dude. For the recipe go here. 

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  1. Lisa, I made this soup yesterday, and you were right it was YUMM! Even Brad gave it 2 thumbs up! Thank you! ~Christi