Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello World!  I am starting this blog because of my problem: what to eat when I come home at 8pm from hot yoga.   It's a very specific problem, I understand.   Doesn't apply to everyone, I understand. But, it may just help a feed a few lost hot yoga souls along the way.

First, introductions in which I am frank, informative and filled with **hope** that I don't scare off too many of you along the way-

I hate diets. I don't think they work. I think listening to your body works, which is what hurdled me into this quest.   When I come home from yoga at 8pm, I am either famished and will eat anything in site (not good) or feel so nauseous that I won't eat anything at all (also not good). 

You may also ask - why not take yoga earlier in the day? I work 8am-5pm M-F. Yoga gear in tow, I ride the bus directly from work to 6pm yoga.   I'm the girl who accidentally hits your shoulder with her yoga mat sticking out of her small bag while walking down the bus aisle. Sorry!  Got any yoga bag recommendations, people?

2.) There is also
no scale in my house; I don't weigh myself - I base my weight on how I feel and my ability to pursue the things I want to pursue in life. In my "Diet Bible", it's a case-by-case basis on weight loss. Can't run to catch the bus? Then, maybe, yes, one would need to start leaving your couch more often.  Don't have enough endurance during sex, then yes, let's cut down on dem' fried taters. My mantra: I feel good, therefore, I look good. And, Dave (my bf), never complains.

3.) This may sound crazy - I don't sweat 1225 calories out of my body 3-4 times a week because I want to lose weight. I do it because
it feels good to sweat and my body feels sooo good after yoga.   I can rarely challenge myself in a regular aerobic exercise to break out in a sweat so well. I can't and don't run.  Running hurts so not in a good way.  It's hurts muh brainz.  When I'm bent over in Ardha Chandrasana (back bend compression of spine), it hurts in a good way like am I going to have a heart attack or an orgasm here, folks?

4.) I am in
love with rich, savory, whole foods that are good for your body and soul.  I am prone to comfort foods, and ok, I admit it: Hello, my name is Lisa and I'm addicted to carbohydrates.  Whew!  That felt good to get out there.  This carb habit, I've learned recently, makes me feel really bad after yoga.  Duh, eh?  Especially when I try to fall asleep an hour or 2 later.  Egats!  Even worse!  This, er, lil' problem I have is definitely going to be monitored and considered on this journey.

(Side note: But, going along with my "listening to my body" mantra, I goddamn will eat some chocolate and grease a few days out of every month if it saves a few lives around me!  I am a human being!  Don't worry- my cheesecake cookies will be excluded from this blog.)

So come with me on a journey to discover what will ultimately help you feel good before, during and after a day of Hot Yoga.

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  1. bu, bu, but we *wanna* hear about the cheesecake cookies!