Friday, March 12, 2010

Protein Wrap

"Hey what's for lunch?  I'm hungry like now?"

How about 4 food groups in one meal then some fruit for dessert?  This is one of my favorite easy-not-greasy quick meals.  If you like tuna salad, then give canned smashed sardines a try!  A revival of these omega-3-friendly fish is making a big comeback in the foodie world.  Their taste is rich and does not require adding much to the mash to make it flavorful, unlike tuna fish. This wrap is a protein punch before attending hot yoga.

What's in my wrap?

Wrap: Low-carb Whole Wheat Wrap
Veggies: Baby Spinach leaves and Roma Tomatoes
Dairy: Crumbled Goat Cheese
Meat: 1 can, fork-mashed sardines (I prefer either the mustard dill or spicy flavors) 
+ a few grinds of the pepper mill


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