Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dolma Wrap


Lunch is always hard to get excited about.  The same patterns are repeated and that cherished one hour break becomes just as dull as a limp salad or ham sandwich.  But, who has time to brown bag anything else in the morning?  The magic is what you put in the middle of the mundane.  I've recently become obsessed with wraps since I've been trying to limit my bread consumption (a little problem).  Because they are just a little different, for some reason my imagination is a little more creative with them.  Meet Dolma Mediterranean Wraps.

Little Treasures

Dolmas are the ultimate meat substitute for my kind of wrap.  These marinated rice stuffed grape leaves are little jewels that can make a wrap or salad way more exciting to eat.  Fresh or in the can will due, but I prefer canned actually because they have been marinated longer in olive oil and lemon.  My favorite brand is Divine, but you can find them usually in the Greek section of any major grocery store.

I usually stuff my Mediterranean wraps with dolmas, hummus, tomato, goat cheese and lettuce.  This whole wheat wrap pictured was especially sinful stuffed with dolmas, goat cheese, avocado, sundried tomatoes and a crack of pepper.

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